Lincoln Crowne and Company Ptv. Limited, was founded by Nick Assef years ago to be a major player in the investment advisory business. Since then, it has grown into a very prominent investment firm in the Australian and South East Asian markets, although they negotiate deals all over the world. Assef now serves as the firm’s Executive Director and Senior Analyst, and he has assembled a large team of investment professionals who are all specialists in a number of financial areas.

The professionals at Lincoln Crowne and Company can handle virtually any financial situation or issue, from mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, to, valuations. They can also assist with the development of, growth strategies, they can perform strategic due diligence and they are experts in the area of shareholder rights, and strategic due diligence. Over the years, the firm, which claims that they offer, “Business solutions with an absolute focus on maximising shareholder value,” has put together and extensive and impressive record.

Following the lead of their founder and lead executive, Lincoln Crowne and Company innovates by applying negotiation strategies and tactics that are based primarily on A “game theory” to negotiations. That is because everyone at the firm realizes that no client pays for the services of such a firm unless they have a specific outcome in mind. Many consider them “tenacious” negotiators and they are well-known for their ability to craft solutions that serve to maximize shareholder value.